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Well its summer

Posted by on June 6, 2011

We had a couple of weeks of hot and I mean really hot, mid eighties and so dry that the fires have started. Still having them, fortunately were not getting a lot smoke in town and that’s good. You can check out the status of Alaska Fires. When the skies are clear it has been just beautiful and when their cloudy, like it seems to be more times than not, the temps are down to a reasonable mid-70’s range. But don’t let this seem as if I’m complaining, I’m loving the hot sunny days.

A couple of pictures so you can get a real feel for the fires

Trish’s mom isn’t doing so good and that’s sad, she turns 80 on the 14th and were all hoping she’ll be with us for a while longer, but her health is going and so were on our guard that she might not be with us long. Had her over for Memorial Day and she had a blast, Melissa and the boys were over as well as Rachael and Bobby, Carol’s (Trish’s Sister who passed away this past spring) kids. I have to say they both turned out to be really good kids or I should adults and Carol and Bob should be proud of them. Anyway, mom didn’t want to leave and go home, but it was obvious that she was over taxing herself so Trish took back to get checked by the nurse, just in case.


Memorial Day 2011

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I have the garden in, not much, only did half of my normal sized plot so it won’t be as time consuming, got all but one last load of firewood in for the year and now its cabin building time. Remember the trip to haul the foundation into Mt Ryan for Dean’s cabin, well were going in there this weekend to get started on it and brush the property lines out for the year (a requirement of the state land lottery until we get the buyout done). Then its Fathers day and time to take the wife and g-kids camping and then a trip to Hurricane to start on that cabin. I’m hoping the walls and roof framing go as quick and easy as were thinking they will, but I’m also staying prepared, mentally away, that it might take a bit more than I’ve planned for. We’ll see.

I did get to drive down to Delta Junction and help out the library and folks at city hall, so that was a nice reprieve and very relaxing even if it was a working trip. Discovered a new place to stay, The Garden B&B, great folks, good food and a fantastic facility to relax and enjoy. So if you’re going to Delta, I suggest you give them a try for your accommodations.

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