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Land and Cabins

Hurricane over Christmas Week

John : January 2, 2014 7:53 am : land and Cabin

Well after Christmas actually. Trish and I had a nice quite Christmas with just the two of us. Destiny and the baby came over Christmas day for dinner and presents, otherwise we had a quite Day.

The day after Christmas I drove down to the cabin near Hurricane, it was a chilly -44 (f) below when I left and sure made it interesting trying to get the trailer hooked up. Dang inner mechanism on the trailer tongue didn’t want to come free, so I had to use the torch and heat it up 🙂 Just south of Nenana (about 55 miles south of the house) the temps dropped down to somewhere between -50 and -55 (f) below, man I could sure feel the steering get tight, glad I wasn’t doing any quick dodges around Moose.


A material run into the cabin.

When I got to the parking area I use going into the cabin it was a balmy -6 below. Not bad, cold but still 38 degrees warmer than it was at home. So I unloaded the sled and decided to do a little pre-trail breaking before hauling any loads in. I actually took my shovel and emergency pack this time, not like last month when I got stuck big time. Anywho, the ride in was uneventful and I got a fair trail set for the load hauling.

The cabin was in pretty good shape and other then the furnace acting up it didn’t take long to get her opened up and the heat going. So I made 2 trips to the truck and back with gear, food and some fuel and called it a night. Plan was to haul the rest of the loads Friday and Saturday.

Spent the next two days hauling in 2 by material, railroad ties and firewood, took me 12 trips to get it all in, but its there and now I can plan to finish fixing up the foundation, haul in the insulation for the floor and get that little project done.

Hope everyone had a good New Years.

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Club Rides and Cabin Trip

John : December 23, 2013 8:30 am : land and Cabin, Sledding

The weekend before Thanksgivings FST had a planned run from Nordale to Chatanika Lodge. Lots of snow and a decent trail. Stoney was our ride leader and did a good job leading until he delegated that job to me. Actually enjoyed it, breaking fresh snow and making first track. We did get turned around a bit with all the new mining activity going on they messed up some of trails a bit, but no biggie, we just made new ones. 🙂


FST ride near Cleary Summit and material run into the cabin

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Moose Camp and Cabin

John : October 3, 2013 7:20 am : Hunting, land and Cabin

It was a great vacation time and as always to short. Started out spending 8 days in Moose camp with some warmer then wanted weather. Actually thought it might be decent hunting season, woke up on Monday the 1st to nice kool temps, too bad it only lasted one day then warmed up again.

We did see some bulls on Monday, but after it warmed up they took off for better country I guess. Scott did get to tag a nice little bull and almost got himself run over by the guy in the process, but at least we got some meat down.

After leaving camp I headed down to the cabin for two weeks and Dean came along for the first 6 days. Plan was to do a combo work on the cabin and hunt until he left on the 15th. Worked out pretty good actually, got the upper deck done (aka hunting platform), insulation in the walls and ceiling and finished up the foam board up on the exterior. We poured 6 five inch thick concrete pads with post blocks embedded in them. Four of these are for the generator shed and the other two are for the furnace room add-on which I hope to have done by next spring.


Sept 2013 Moose Camp and Cabin Work

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If it don’t kill ya, it makes you stronger

John : August 20, 2013 7:01 am : land and Cabin

Or so the saying goes. The way this month, August 2013, has gone I’m hoping there’s truth in those words.

The septic system is done and all I have left to do is grade the yard so I can seed it next year and get a final photo of the grade to complete my report to ADEC. I figured I deserved a couple of easy days down at the cabin and loaded up Thursday night and drove on down early Friday. A nice drive too, the sun was coming up as I left and the skies were clear and blue. Couldn’t ask for better day in the mountains.

We’ll things were going good, including the ATV ride into the cabin, the trails were dry and there were lots of blueberries out and I was simply enjoying the day thinking about what I needed to get done for the furnace add on I was planning to do. Then I drove up to the cabin and stopped dead in my tracks, no, my eyes must be off or else I’m having a 60’s flashback, dang it… The piling posts the cabin sits on are leaning about 5 degrees to the east, not a good thing.

Aug 2013, Hurricane Cabin Falling

Cabin tilled to the east

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Fourth of July, 2013

John : July 7, 2013 9:43 am : ATVing, land and Cabin

Fourth of July this year was a no fireworks event due to the extreme dry weather and fires. As of the time of this post the fire has grown to over 79,000 acres and evacuation notices have been issued for residence along the Chena Hot Springs Road area. But of course this is off topic, as we loaded up the motorhome and drove to 12 Mile Summit on the Steese Hwy so I could start doing some work on the foundation corners of our 2nd cabin, this one is 6.4 miles from the parking area and another beautiful location that is north of us rather than south.


The Mt Ryan Cabin Site on the Fourth of July, 2013, work on the foundation corners.

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April 25-27th at Hurricane

John : April 30, 2013 3:37 pm : land and Cabin

April 2013 and a cold spring it is. I figured I had one more trip into the cabin before all the snow melted and I called it a season for hauling materials in to the cabin before summer started and I could go back in and start to use up some of the materials I’d hauled in. Well it was a good thing I did as the snow was melting fast, or at least it was.


Last winter trip for the season hauling materials and supplies into the cabin.

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The Cabin April 6th, 2013

John : April 9, 2013 7:50 am : land and Cabin

Took half a day off of work on Friday and loaded up 20 eighty pound bags of Sackrete, the new furnace, water tank and 3 drums of fuels, and a 100 pound tank of propane for hauling into the cabin.

The drive down was excellent, blue bird skies and dry roads all the way, couldn’t ask for a better drive. I should have known something had to go wrong, it was just too nice of a drive. So we get set for a parking spot and off load the sleds and that was when I noticed the Bearcat suspension didn’t feel right. Sure enough a nut and bolt fell out. Dang nabit, I just got the machine back from the shop and had new shocks installed. I drove it on the trailer on Monday, off the trailer Friday when parts started falling off.


Hauling materials into the cabin, mainly concrete, fuel and water tank

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We got a roof

John : November 29, 2012 10:04 am : land and Cabin

Another exciting trip down to the cabin to get the roof on and haul in some materials. Lenny, who helped last Sept framing the 2nd level porch and the roof over the porch came down with me on Nov 23rd, the day after we all got our fill of Turkey 

Since it is the end of November and that usually means snow, we took the snowmachines and tow behind sled. Plan was to use Friday for travel and material hauling, figuring we’d have at least a foot of snow. What a disappointment as there was maybe 2 inches of snow on the ground at the trail head. Not encouraging, so do we forget it and go home or what.

Cabin Nov 2012

Putting on the roof

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Hunting Camp and Cabin

John : October 5, 2012 10:01 am : Hunting, land and Cabin

Some pictures from my time at the Hurricane cabin, a very rainy trip, but we did get a good lick in, just not the roof felt and metal :<( The damage to the form board and string was courtesy of one small black bear, the little bugger.

Hurricane Cabin, Sept 2012

Rain, Rain and More Rain

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A week at the cabin

John : July 16, 2012 7:51 am : land and Cabin

So I headed out Saturday, June 30th for a week at the Cabin near Hurricane and had a productive and enjoyable trip even with the rain and mud.

Plan was to head in Saturday, make a few runs in with some supplies, a refrigerator, more materials and wait for Dean to come down and help. All went as expected with only a few bumps as it were. It has been a rainy summer and the trail was wet and muddy to say the least and I had to winch 5 times in the first 3 out of 4 trips I made on Saturday.


A week at the cabin building and relaxing

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