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Cisco Firewall

Posted by on April 5, 2011

So 2 weeks ago Cisco decides to release a new version of their ASA (Adapted Security Appliance) Firmware, the ASA is more commonly known as a Firewall. I use a couple ASA’s at work to help keep control of the network and of course to provide some protection from hacker and other such bad guys.

The new firmware is a major change and instead of being named an upgrade to ver 8.x, they should of just gone with a new version level, say 9.0, because it has major changes and all the rules we’ve been using to set up ACL’s no longer work. Since this upgrade has so many changes, you also have to upgrade your hardware to 2 gig of RAM, humm, wondering if they got this idea from M.S.

So a couple of site’s I’ve been reading might help others going through the same headaches and changes as we are. If so, good luck and welcome back to school since we all have to learn what we thought we knew all over again.

Network World

Smart Tunnel and NAT

Mad Router

Safari Books

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