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North Pole Alaska

Welcome from North Pole, Alaska. We hope this site is what you were looking for, even if it’s not, go ahead and leave us a note.

North Pole is a small community of 1500, plus or minus a few souls, located about 15 miles south-east of Fairbanks. This home page is our short hello to the world. We have included a few links to some of our favorite places. Some folks may be offended by some of our links and for that we apologize. However, this is our home page and we hope you enjoy your visit.

I use to own a couple of dog teams, yea a musher, but one hot summer day I got to thinking, what am I doing packing dog food and scooping poop for 32 lazy beast? Now if only I could put these puppies in a time freeze between spring and fall, I’ve got it by jove, I’ll get a snowmachine. No more hassle, just turn it on and go, get back and turn it off, no problemo, NOT. Now that the dogs have left the yard, I don’t scoop poop but I’m not a mechanic either. So in order to stay ahead of the game, or atleast try to figure out where to go and how to fix that darn blasted thing, I visit the The Snowmobile Homepage, great places to look for updates on the new models and activities.

Although the dogs have gone to pasture, I still keep up with the last reports on the Yukon Quest and of course the Iditarod, never know when I might need them dogs again. And let’s not pass up the Open North American Dog Sled Championship, you can find information on the North American at the Alaska Dog Musher’s Association site.

Our local snowmachine club, The Fairbanks Snow Travelers has their own home pages. Check it out for some good info on local club activities and tech tips on how to maintain your machine. And don’t forget, this is the arctic, so knowledge in Cold Weather Survival is a must.

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