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12 Mile Summit Ride

Posted by on August 28, 2017

The last FST ATV ride of the season, next club rides will on snowmachine, snow is almost here. It was a good ride with Mike C, Evan, Jake and myself. We rode the trail out of 12 Mile Summit towards Circle, the trail was so rough we only made it 8.5 miles in and turned around. Once we reached the ridge above Birch Creek, Mike wanted to go down into the valley and ride out to the rode and go back via the highway, Jake of course figured we’d get stuck in the mud and be out till midnight. So we returned the same way we went in, over the very solid and extremely rough trail. By time I got home it was a 3 Aleve night, man was I sore.

But it was a good ride, never got rained on which was a plus.

Aug 2017 FST ride 12 Mile Summit

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