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A Two Bear Weekend

Posted by on July 20, 2011

Drove the RV to the Hurricane parking area for four days to start raising the walls on the cabin and maybe get a start on the roof. Tyler and I drove down Wednesday night and it was an uneventful and beautiful drive. Clear skies and great scenery all the way down. Not many RVs on the road this summer, guess tourism is down due to the cost of gas. My favorite picture in the gallery below is Tyler and Sally (Dean’s Lab,) taking an afternoon nap together.


Getting the cabin walls up and braced.

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Dean showed up Thursday morning around 10:30, had expected him to roll in around midnight, but he choose to leave early Thursday, works for me, I didn’t get woke up in the middle of the night and slept like a log.

So Thursday we head in on the 4 wheelers and it was a great ride with clear skies and a beautiful view of Denali. Checked the level on the platform and had to do a little adjusting as it settled out, mostly towards the front which I kind of expected would happen. But no biggie, a little jacking up and some shins and all is good.

Friday I got my POV video camera figured out and mounted on the front of the 4 wheeler and recorded the whole ride in, so you can see the trail and all going from the train station to the cabin in the videos below. One exciting moment on the ride was the Grizzly Bear I saw. I think he was walking down the trail heading out when we saw each other. I stopped and he ran off. Good bear, he ran the other way.

The first two are pretty boring, the 3rd shows where I saw the Griz, but I can’t quite make him out, I think he was a bit to my left off the trail, and the 4th is the muddy part of the trail that I hope to build a trail around later this year.

By the end of Friday we had two side walls up and started on the back wall. By Saturday we had three walls up and braced. Sunday morning we got the front wall framed, almost. We got it 95% framed and then realized neither of us knew what the rough dimensions were we needed for the front door, so we left it on the deck ready to finish on the next trip down.

So it’s Sunday and time to clean up, pack tools and re-stack the material and start heading home. One problem, I left the keys to the lock on the PakRat trailer I had been storing the tools in. So Tyler rode back to the RV’s to get the keys. Now remember he’s only 13 years old and as most young’uns or early teens he’s lacking half a brain in the common sense area. He drove all the way out to the RV’s and back and forgot the keys he went to get :<) Got side tracked eating a candy bar and left the keys on the passenger seat of the RV. Anyway, while he was away, Dean and I decided to take a coffee break, he (Dean) got up to get his coffee thermos that was sitting on the pouch deck and on his way back towards the rain shelter I’m sitting under he stops, he’s eye turn into saucers and he’s pointing past me with a big grin on his face down the trail behind the cabin. “What, what are you pointing at?? Bear….” So I stand up and look behind me and sure as shooting there’s a Black Bear walking towards us about 30 feet away. When I stood up, my first words were” wow, a bear”, And Mr. Bear decides to turn tail and run. Another good bear, he also ran the other way. Considering my 44 was 20 feet away under a tree and Dean’s shotgun was 20 feet away hanging on another tree, I was sure glad that bear ran the other way and not towards us looking for a snack...... And another great weekend comes to an end.

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