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Base Camp

Posted by on August 23, 2010

With only 9 days to go until Moose season opens it was time to get into base camp and see what kind of shape things were in and cut some firewood. The ride in was fairly easy and the trail is still pretty good. We only had one bad spot to cross and that wasn’t all that bad.

Our camp area supports were all looking good so all we really had to do was cut firewood, extent the cover area (hate getting rained on while I’m trying to relax by the fire) and do a little general clean up. We did haul out all the garbage that has been sitting there for over 5 years. This wasn’t our garbage, but deposited by some previous campers in the past. We’ve just been putting up with it over the last few years, but this year I figured it was time to haul it out and improve the local view.

The only real problem was the porcupine’s, they darn near ate our whole outhouse to nothing. I’m sure they enjoyed the easy meal of plywood, but man, when they ate the walls they took away our “Privacy to Privy”.. So unthoughtful of them.

Scott now has plans to build us a Stainless steel facility to replace the one the porcupines ate, I hope he also plans to add a fluffly cloth seat cover, I know I won’t be looking forward to sitting on a cold toilet seat at 30 degrees above.

So here’s the pictures from our short but productive excursions to get base camp ready.


Cleaning up and expanding base camp in preparation for the upcoming Moose Season Hunt.

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