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Between ATVing and working on cabins

Posted by on July 17, 2012

My weekends and evening are usually spent working in the yard or garden.

Over the past few years Trish and I have cut down the size of the garden, mainly to lower the amount of work it takes to plant, weed and water. But with Destiny here and the baby on its way I decided we needed more “greens” for the kitchen. So here is our start on the garden, June 2, 2012.

The Garden 2012

Start and progress of the garden for 2012.

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I’ll update this post as the veggies start on their Alaskan Size growth. I’m hoping to put up some sourkraut this year, assuming I get a couple really big cabbages.

Some updated pictures. The garden at 6 weeks and the last of my wood to split for a 2 and half to 3 year reserve of heat :<)

7_17_2012_Graden and Yard

The yard and garden. Veggies coming up pretty good a nd the wood pile is just about done.

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