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Cabin Sept. getting ready to move in

Posted by on October 12, 2018

Another cabin trip after Moose season and getting ready for another trip down. This last one was mostly to finish up the he 2nd floor 2nd floor flooring and work on the well some more. Flooring went OK and 2nd floor sub-flooring is in, ¾ “ OSB, now to place the carpet. Yeah, being as it is the bedroom area I figured I’d carpet it, hate putting bear feet on wood in the mornings.

The well was different issue, brought a demolition hammer with enough down force to drive the well, but being a demo hammer, electric by the way, I had to borrow a cupped concrete cutter to use since I couldn’t find one in town. Well dang it, the guide bit broke, so I ended up using the splitting maul as a sledge hammer, worked, but I think I’d of done better swinging a maul 20 years ago. Made some progress but not enough to get water, yet.
Also purchased the first set of 4 Trojan L16P batteries, so I can now finish setting them up and see how running on batteries work. Long term plan is to have 8 batteries and solar panels, but dang at $375.00 each these batteries are spendy.

Just hope it’s not to diffacult to configure the Battery Monitoring unit, Inverter Control Panel (which I’ll need to configure) and then make the connection from Inverter to main panel for the cabin. Well I’m not an electrician but I’ll figure it out.

I did get to enjoy a nice little storm while there. I was sitting on the porch having a cup of coffee and saw this black wall of clouds that went from the ground to above the mountain top and it was moving fairly quick and coming right at me. OK, go inside sit at dinning table and watch this thing come tearing down the valley and it was moving, winds kick up and when it hit hail to make everything all white.

The white stuff didn’t last and the hail was gone in 15 minutes, but the mountain top got a good dumping of snow, a good start to winter I think.

Cabin, Sept 20th 2018

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