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Christmas with the Kids, cabin with Trish

Posted by on February 4, 2016

We spent Christmas Eve with the kids at home and Christmas day packing for our trip to the cabin near Hurricane. This was the wife’s first trip to the cabin since the walls went up. She’d been there once before after we got the foundation and platform built, but it’s a big change from platform to walls, roof, insulation and such.

Christmas 2015

Christmas with Kids, cabin with Trish

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Over the last 4 years she’s been bugging me about the time and money spent on the cabin and was beginning to wonder, I think, if I really was building anything  After convincing her the dogs would be fine in the dog carrier loaded on the Bearcat we headed out. I hadn’t been to the cabin since Sept 2015 due to my new job.

Anywho, as you can see from the photo’s there was lots of snow. I left Trish and the dogs in the truck and made the first run in by myself. I wanted to get a trail set and also get the cabin opened up and the furnace going so she’d have heat when she and the dogs made it in. All went great, but It did take a few minutes to get the snow cleared off enough to walk up the stairs and under the deck to get the generator going. I didn’t clean it all off until Sunday morning and wish I had waited a day more. The pictures of the snow on the stairs looking down from the deck is the result of another foot of snow that fell Sunday night.

I also made some concessions at the cabin. I figure I’m in the woods and electronics like TV and phone are a non-issue. Well shoot, first I discovered is that my cell works from the cabin, first time in 4 years this happened. I guess the WiFi companies decided to expand their coverage. At least it’ll save of satellite phone needs.

The second concession was a TV and DVD player. I’d rather read, but Trish isn’t the reader I am so we brought in a 20 inch flat screen and about 50 movie DVD’s. It actually worked out pretty good, I set up a side by side camp chair I had for the RV and the TV and DVD player up in the loft. So we spend the evening drinking beer and watching movies. It was fun I have to admit.

I didn’t get near as much done as I had planned, work on cabin wise, but I did get about 80 % of the kitchen done and am ready to take in some cabinets and a counter top which I will do before the end of this month (Jan). Be a nice change to have a real counter in the kitchen area instead of the portable unit I’ve been using.

Not much riding do to the weather, lots of wind and flat light, although the temps stayed in the above zero range. Usually the wind doesn’t bother me, but when it’s strong enough to blow me across the front deck then it’s a bit stronger than I like for riding and playing. I figured it was in the 20 to 40 MPH range.
Until next time

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