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Club Rides and Cabin Trip

Posted by on December 23, 2013

The weekend before Thanksgivings FST had a planned run from Nordale to Chatanika Lodge. Lots of snow and a decent trail. Stoney was our ride leader and did a good job leading until he delegated that job to me. Actually enjoyed it, breaking fresh snow and making first track. We did get turned around a bit with all the new mining activity going on they messed up some of trails a bit, but no biggie, we just made new ones. 🙂


FST ride near Cleary Summit and material run into the cabin

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So after Thanksgiving I decided I needed to make a cabin run with some materials and firewood. A good trip all in all except when I got stuck in a 6 foot hole of power and forgot to take my SOS pack and shovel along. Had a nice mile and a half walk in 3 feet of powder to the cabin. But heck, this is Alaska and a short stroll in the woods is good for a body, especially when I knew I had food, heat and nice cozy cot waiting at the cabin 🙂


FST ride to Chatanika Lodge from Nordale Road

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