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Gold King via the Rex Trail

Posted by on April 2, 2017

It was a Tres Amigos ride, Steve M., Nick S., and I were the only ones to show up, the rest for you all missed a good ride to Gold King, yup, we made it all the way. Arrived at Clear Sky Lodge at 9:00 and was wondering if the ride was going to be a stuck fest with the warmer temps, at least the wife said it was going to be, oh she was so wrong.

Hit the Rex Trail and was pleasantly surprised to see someone had run a drag on the trail, at least what I thought was a drag on the trail, turns out one of the Gold King locals ran a CAT down the trail. We were fortunate that this was about 3 to 4 weeks ago and there was new snow on it, so no one over heated, not even a little bit.

4_1_17 Rex Trail

Clear Sky Lodge to Gold King via the Rex Trail

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I have to admit, the only issue was Nick running out of gas on the return and that was my fault. Thinking we weren’t going to get past the Toetate River, I suggested he just leave the extra 10 gallons he brought, but dang it, the trail was so smooth we made it all the way in a few hours, 45 plus miles in. Once we got to Gold King we hung out at the airstrip and talked to a couple of local for a while and then headed back to the rigs.

The snow was decent, not as good as last weekend and not as many open fields, but a few about 35 miles in, it was 45.5 mile to Gold King, a 91 mile day. Some beautiful scenery and an overall enjoyable day, of course the 49 above temps helped with that. Got so warm we took off gear for the ride back and I rode the last 10 miles or so with no helmet, just too hot.

Oh yeah ,almost forgot, if you’re wondering why Nick is all covered in snow, at least his helmet and goggles, that was from me towing him and not really thinking about the rooster tail I was causing at 30 to 40 miles an hour, poor guy couldn’t see :>) I feel so guilty, not

So another good day of riding, next week should be even better, we’ll see.

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