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Hurricane over Christmas Week

Posted by on January 2, 2014

Well after Christmas actually. Trish and I had a nice quite Christmas with just the two of us. Destiny and the baby came over Christmas day for dinner and presents, otherwise we had a quite Day.

The day after Christmas I drove down to the cabin near Hurricane, it was a chilly -44 (f) below when I left and sure made it interesting trying to get the trailer hooked up. Dang inner mechanism on the trailer tongue didn’t want to come free, so I had to use the torch and heat it up 🙂 Just south of Nenana (about 55 miles south of the house) the temps dropped down to somewhere between -50 and -55 (f) below, man I could sure feel the steering get tight, glad I wasn’t doing any quick dodges around Moose.


A material run into the cabin.

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When I got to the parking area I use going into the cabin it was a balmy -6 below. Not bad, cold but still 38 degrees warmer than it was at home. So I unloaded the sled and decided to do a little pre-trail breaking before hauling any loads in. I actually took my shovel and emergency pack this time, not like last month when I got stuck big time. Anywho, the ride in was uneventful and I got a fair trail set for the load hauling.

The cabin was in pretty good shape and other then the furnace acting up it didn’t take long to get her opened up and the heat going. So I made 2 trips to the truck and back with gear, food and some fuel and called it a night. Plan was to haul the rest of the loads Friday and Saturday.

Spent the next two days hauling in 2 by material, railroad ties and firewood, took me 12 trips to get it all in, but its there and now I can plan to finish fixing up the foundation, haul in the insulation for the floor and get that little project done.

Hope everyone had a good New Years.

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