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Iron Dog Week 2015

Posted by on March 8, 2015

After the Sweetheart run the week before I decided to make a cabin run and haul in some more lumber for the generator shack. Jake offered to come along so we also hauled in the new 7KW generator, which means I can run the chop saw again when getting the tongue and grove up on the inside walls.

Feb 2015, Cabin and Iron Dog

2015 Iron Dog and a couple cabin pics

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Not a lot to say except that we got the last of the vapor barrier done on the ceiling and wall behind the wood stove. I do need to take a fan in though on the next trip down to move the air from the loft around. The thermostat said 65 by the kitchen but it must have been 85 in the loft.

So we returned to Fairbanks on Sunday and it was a bit slick but OK and then it was Iron Dog trail week. Thanks to the help from 6 volunteers we got the trail staked by Friday. Did have one major mishap when one of the guys dropped his sled through the ice and into 4 feet of water on the Tanana. Good thing I had the Bearcat and 100’ of 5/8 rope to pull him out. So a bit wet but nothing damaged, alls well that end well.

Oh yeah, on finishing day, Sat the 28th, Stoney went back to check part of the trial and some A-Hole moved the trail stakes and tried to run the racers into a deadend slough, that just really T’s me off, what idiots.

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