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Memorial Weekend

Posted by on May 29, 2013

So we took the motorhome out for the first time this summer and it was a great trip. Drove down to the Donnelly Dome area (shown on GP track map) and meet up with a half dozen or more FST members who did the same switch we did from snowmachine to ATV.

Some pictures to keep you entertained.


ATVing on Memorial Weekend 2013

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As I noted in my earlier post, we generally try to go to Nome Creek for Memorial Weekend, but this year the snow and ice just wouldn’t leave so we had to drive farther south. Still had snow on the ground as you can see in the pictures, but at least it was limited to isolated spots and still left lots of open trails to ride on.

The weekend was exceptional for our first summer trip. Saw lots of Buffalo, Caribou and Moose and had a variety of riding fun from getting stuck in the snow drifts to plowing through 3 feet of water running down the trails where the creeks overflowed their banks.

Now most you would consider those kinds of “adventures” crazy, but I guess that goes with the normal mind set of most folks living in Interior Alaska. Hey, I’m here for the adventures and fun, if I wanted easy quiet days and gentle walks I’d move to the big city.

I’ll let the pictures tell most of this story, let just say that we had a great time with some great people, lots of BSing and wild stories about who got stuck the most.

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