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Moose Camp 2018

Posted by on September 21, 2018

Moose camp and summer job

Moose camp was successful again this year and we have meat for the winter. It could have been a bit more successful except for this one black bear that showed up. Moose one is down and out and after bring it to town for processing Jake and I returned to get #2, problem is this black bear who decided to not only cleanup the gut pile from the moose, but hang around and play with the hide for 6 days. So of course no more moose came back to our hunting valley. Oh well, still got meat.


My summer job at the Alaska Salmon Bake ended for the season and I have mixed feelings. Enjoy being back to the retired status but I have to admit I enjoyed my time working there this past summer. The folks and management are great and the work environment was excellent.

So now it’s time to get to the cabin and finish up a couple things for the move in 9 weeks, yes it is getting closer. I’m going to try and get the Well finished and definitely get the 2nd floor floor done. Hopefully it won’t be too wet of ride in.

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