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Another Alaska Cabin, Oct 18, 2014

Posted by on October 19, 2014

Saturday morning Jake and I drove up the Steese to the parking area. The original plan was to work on the porch deck, help get the wall sheeting up and the house wrap on.

So as all good plan’s go this one was changed before we even got started. Met Dean and loaded up the Siglin sled and hauled it behind the Bearcat for our first run in. Dean asked me if I’d mind hauling the rest of the material in and of course I said sure. So Jake and I ran three trips hauling the last of the heavy materials to the cabin site. A nice and easy day actually, all considered. The weather at the cabin site was fantastic, blue bird skies and sunshine. The weather at the parking area, 7 miles away was a different story. It started out nice, but by time we got the last load ready to go in the wind was blowing and the clouds were coming in.

Not a biggie really, the wind that is, the worst spot was going down the steep hill about 5 miles in, yup, the same spot I rolled the Bearcat a couple years back hauling some foundation materials. Dang Siglin keeps pushing the Bearcat from behind and actually lifts the track off the ground, not the most comfortable of feelings, being airborne on a rig that wasn’t meant to fly.

So here are some nice pictures of the ride in, notice the clouds moving in starting at the 5th picture, not as amazing in a still photo as it was watching the clouds roll over the mountain tops. The video is pretty good to, a short clip of the ride out from the cabin site towards the rigs.

Another Alaska Cabin, Oct 18

Since all of the heavy materials are in I think next weekend I’ll haul some 8×8’s in to finish the platform of my cabin. Be nice to have it done for next hunting season and a great spot to set up the Wall Tent.

Part of the trail from the cabin to the rigs, short and pleasant.

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