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Packing to move

Posted by on August 16, 2018

So the decision has been made to move to the cabin. Fairbanks is getting to controlling in its political view and lots of regulations that in my opinion are too restrictive and an undo amount of government regulation. I figure when the local gov’t not only tells you when you can and can’t heat your home and from whom you have to buy your wood stoves and wood, its time to go. Getting to┬ásocialistic for me.

Anyway, I also needed to get some fish for the winter so a trip to Chitna was in order and off I went. Netted 10 decent sized salmon and am now working on a brine. Think I’m going to try a new brine, the one at sounds good. If not I’ll go back to my Dry Brine from last year, it was pretty good.

The plan is to move around the first of December, depending on the weather. I want 2 feet of snow down to set a good trail to haul our household goods and gear. I am working on a Solar System for electricity and trying to drive a well in for water. Driving a well by hand is a bit of a hassle but I think I’ll get it. If not I do have access to year round water, just have to filter it. The solar system for electricity is easier just more expensive.

Our North Pole home won’t be empty as I was originally planning it would be until sold, our grandson is going to move in and rent it from for a while. So for now its packing and yard sales. Going to moose camp in a couple of weeks and hopefully we’ll have full freezers of fish, moose and caribou before we move, makes winter much easier when I know the freezers are full for the year :<)

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