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Road Trip

Posted by on July 21, 2017

So one day in April I’m just hanging out on the deck and my sister calls, she has decided to move from Calif to Lawrence Kansas and as we’re talking she mentioned that she really needs to drive to Kansas with some items and her dog. Her dog is a sweetie but older and I know she wouldn’t make the plane trip, dog that is.

So being the kind younger brother than I am (yeah lots of patting self on the back there) I agreed to fly to So. Calif and drive her to her new home. It was a pretty good trip I have to say, we left Calif on Tuesday morning and hit the road. First day was long, 11 hours and we made it to Salina Utah, a nice quite community. When we pulled in I see all these Polaris ATV’s and after talking to the folks a bit I discovered their on an 800 mile ATV ride across the state and not a big deal, or so they said. I seems Utah has excellent ATV trails and they ride from small town to small town and stay the nights in hotels, 4 days to do the 800 miles. Dang I wish we had those kind of trails.

Road Trip with Sis

Calif to Kansas with my sister Diana

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Anyway, Wed we make it to Burlington Colorado and an un-eventful night of rest, and finish the trip by Thursday afternoon.

Sis has moved a very nice quite neighborhood and a nice older home that I’m sure she’ll be happy in. Got to visit with one of my older brothers that I only once every 10 years or so, so all in a good trip.

I have to say it was hot on the trip, 120 (f) above going through Mohave Desert, not my choice for a place to live and then beautiful mountains and scenery in Vale Colorado and the finish was of course almost flat Kansas.

Was glad to get home after 10 days in the lower 48, to what I thought would be decent temps, dang but it was hot even in Fairbanks.

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