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Moose Camp 2011

Posted by on September 22, 2011

Ah September, every year I take the month off for moose hunting and general relaxation. This year was no difference, except my relaxation time was spent working on the cabin.
Hunting was great, bagged my moose, although he was a smaller bull he sure taste good, well at least the tenderloins tasted good, won’t get the rest back for another 2 weeks from Delta Meats who is doing the processing for us.


Moose camp 2011, a great hunt

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I say great not only because of the success, time for relaxing, but also from those moments of “ah SH-T”. Imagine, it’s opening day and you’re sitting in this fantastic spot enjoying the view, day passes along and no moose. So you get up in the middle of the afternoon and head toward camp to take a break, you take about 4 steps and look to your left to see this really pretty Grizzly Bear just laying down about 100 feet away and watching you…

Yup, she was pretty and also an adrenaline rush. I have no idea how long she was sitting there, I do know she looked at me with a “who are you and what are you doing in my woods” expression. Of course my first reaction is to yell Bear, only I didn’t actually yell it, it was more like a loud whisper. Scott (my hunting buddy) says “what”, and then I do yell it, BEAR.. Click, off goes the safety and up and running goes Cutie (My nickname for the bear) in the opposite direction. Another good bear and it does seem as if this has been a Berry Beary Summer

I have to say she was one of the cutest bears I have seen. A round face with excellent markings and this very shinny silver streak running right down the middle of her back. Although I didn’t see her again Scott did a couple days later working on the gut pile from my bull moose I shot the next day down in the valley.

The rest of my hunting time was spent relaxing as much as possible and reading some good books while Scott and Jake went out to get their moose tags filled. No they didn’t fill their tags, but they do have a couple moose cow tags that are good until Nov 21st, so a few more weekends of hunting are on the calendar and maybe, if we lucky, they’ll be snow on the ground and we use the snowmachines.

Oh yeah, if you look close at the pictures with the blue tarps, you’ll see our camp moscouts, the Wesel Family, kept me company all week, and yes it was probable from all the chicken, steak and burger I feed them

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