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Starting work on the Iron Dog Trail

Posted by on January 23, 2013

Being close to the end of January I figured it was time to start working on the Iron Dog trail and spent my day off setting the track from the Tanana to the Chena River. This is really a short section of the trail, maybe 6 miles, but I also have to set up the fueling point and get it marked out so that the snow can be plowed for the fuel truck and RV.

Jan 21, 13, Iron Dog Owl

Me and an owl in the Chena Lakes Floodway

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It was actually a nice day and considering that I didn’t get started until noon it worked out fairly well. Late start was due to my having to plow our driveway and road after the couple inches of new snow, of course the snow also made for better riding.

So now I’m trying to coordinate some volunteers to help stake 291 miles of the race track on the rivers, mainly the Tanana and Chena rivers. Getting good responses so far, just hope everyone shows up, doesn’t always happen

The temps are predicted to be a bit kool this weekend with a high of -25 below F, so I might not be doing much more than reading a good book. If the temps stay warm enough the plan is to ride in the White Mountains Saturday and may do some trail Sunday, we shall see.

The pictures are of this Owl that was sitting about 10 feet from me on the track I was setting, he just sat there in the snow and watched as I took a couple picture and then went on. On the return trip, as I pulled up to where he was, he was trying to get set in the tree you see him finally sitting in. I was to slow to get the best shots of him hanging upside down, all I could was laugh and watch him right himself up. Think I might have offended his dignity. I’m pretty sure he was a young Owl, so I stopped and had some coffee and a snack as we enjoyed the scenery together.

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