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Summer is gone

Posted by on October 2, 2009

So where has the summer gone to ? Its been a busy one but really enjoyable.

Got lots of little honey do projects done around the house and took a few weekend trips in the motorhome and played with the ATV’s a fair amount. Then hunting season comes up and as always its vacation time.

I always save my vacation time for September, why, well it’s the start of hunting season and one must get into Moose camp and relax. Of course doing some hunting doesn’t hurt, but that’s a 2nd consideration. If we get Moose meat for the freezer, great, but relaxing, riding the quad, seeing some new country, checking out the wildlife, that’s what hunting camp is for.

So this year we decided to start work on base camp early and got a really nice set up going, of course this was just a start, it’ll take a couple more summers to really get it set up.


Getting the new moose hunt base camp set up in 2009

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Come Aug 28th were off to camp for 18 days. This year we had a pretty big group and I’d say it was a bit much. The hunt was good, the weather was sunny and hot, to hot actually for a good fall hunt. We started off by getting a cow, and a nice big cow she was, tenderloins were excellent for dinner that night.

One big problem was the wolves and as the saying goes “if you shoot the wolves to save the moose then shoot the moose you must be from Alaska”. Yup, I live in Alaska and we shot a wolf. Should of shot more and would of if we could of, but those guys were not having anything to do with us after the first one bit the bullet.

However, they did help out in Jake getting his 41 inch bull. He and his sons were hanging out on the hill side when Paul say, “dad, there’s a moose and calf coming down, no it’s a bull moose being chased by 2 wolves” So Jake does the only thing he can, he shot the moose. :thumbup:


Heading into camp and a bull moose down. Now the work begins, getting him out and in the freezer.

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I guess I could go on more about camp and hunting, but lets leave as it is for now and simple wait for the snow to fall.

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