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The Cabin Has Stairs

Posted by on April 13, 2015

Took a few days off of work and went down to the cabin. I left around 5:30 in the morning figuring I’d get to the parking area by 9:00 so I could ride in to the cabin before the snow started to get to soft to haul any loads. It went pretty good, the temps were in the mid 40’s when I arrived so I only took one light load in the first day, most of my freighting was firewood, so I wasn’t worried about it “disappearing” overnight from my truck.

As I said it was a nice day when I arrived on Wed, cloudy but warm. After spending the day opening up the cabin and moving things around so I could get to the front wall it was dinner time, so I called it a night and relaxed for the evening. Moving a few things included taking down 4 sets of scaffolding and hauling it out to the deck and moving the firewood I was storing inside to keep dry out to the deck as well. So it took a few hours to complete.


Cabin has inside stairs

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I woke up Thursday to about 3 inches of fresh snow and spent the day finishing up the sheetrock on the front wall and then planned to work on the stairs and/or the bedroom walls. It did take longer than I expected, which is about normal, to finish up the taping and mudding of the wall.

Dean showed up Friday morning, only a half day later than he said . So we started on the stairs to the loft. We got the first section of stairs and landing done by 6:00 and decided it was time for dinner and a couple toddy’s, which of course meant our production for the day was done.

Saturday we hauled the last of the firewood in and finished up the stairs, so now Jake can stop giving me a hard time about having to use a ladder .

One thing that did catch my attention was the squirrels, seemed to be a lot more than usually this trip. One little gut kept sitting on the wood I have stored on the deck under the front window, he’d just sit there and watch me. I think he was hoping I’d let him in. Dean and I had that thought and made sure the door was closed at all time. I can imagine running around trying to get a squirrel out of the cabin.

So as long as they don’t mess with my insulation all will be well, first time I find their tearing the insulation up we may have to do some pest removal.

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